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“An intense, new, action-packed YA series that will captivate readers from beginning to end. 5/5 Stars!” -Nurture Your BOOKS™

Thanks to some bad choices in the past, Tanner Kurtz finds himself residing at a farm for troubled youth. On a spring evening, he and some other boys from Halton House finish playing and losing a three-on-three basketball game against a local prep school and head for home. When they encounter a road crew busily clearing a landslide, they take a dangerous detour instead of heading back to the city for the night. Not long into the drive, another landslide buries the vehicle with them inside. After regaining consciousness, Tanner digs them out and they quickly realize that things are not right. In the sky are three massive ringed planets, and in the distance towering trees like skyscrapers spear the clouds. It’s a primeval landscape similar to Earth yet at the same time vastly different. Cut, addled, and bruised, the group tries to make sense of the alien world they now find themselves in.

At every turn, malignant forces conspire against them; giant voracious birds, ravenous flesh-eating beetles, and a cannibalistic tribe sent by the mysterious One Who Knows. World of Dawn: Arise is a coming of age story. It’s a journey that begins as a way to get home and quickly becomes a quest to save this unique, new world.


“Excellent short-story writing…original metaphors…voice is inventive…  surprisingly page turning.”

-Whistler Independent Book Awards 92/100


The Stories That Make Us…

There is something for everyone in this debut collection of nine compelling short stories. With a myriad of universal themes, Shawn Gale demonstrates that he knows a thing or two—or maybe three or four—about the art of storytelling.

Offering a lineup of varied, colourful characters, The Stories That Make Us spans from World War II to the present, from love to hate, and from joy to anguish—and everything in between. In this rare gem of a

collection, you feel as if you’re living in the skin of its characters. And when the epiphanies come—for better or for worse—they ring like hammer blows upon the forge of life.

Gutsy, nuanced, and thought-provoking writing by an author who’s been to those dark places from which few seldom return. The Stories That Make Us is literary writing at its fi nest. It’s a contemporary collection sure to become a classic.

There is so very much…


The Stories That Make Us
by Shawn Gale


“Still, my parents’ deaths clung to me like wood smoke to a wool sweater—the very fibre—always present in every scrap, voyage, and challenge.”

Short stories are like snapshots. They capture moments in time. In this collection of verbal photos, the author covers a range of subjects, timeframes, situations, and emotions. There is no particular theme that holds them all together other than an exploration of humanity, which is perhaps the most unifying theme of all.

Gale’s stories introduce us to a particularly diverse cast of characters and circumstances. A young woman returns home to help her father die. A shady criminal learns the hard way he’s not as tough as he thinks he is. An old man unwittingly motivates his nephew to go to war, when his intent was just the opposite. Two tradesmen—one a blowhard, the other quite tentative—reveal what they’re really made of when danger puts them to the test. A boy faces adversity and finds an inner strength he didn’t know he possessed. An inmate accepts that he is his own jailer. A coed learns what her rent money is really paying for. An idyllic summer ends, but not the memory of it. A street musician’s song is heard no more.

More Carver than O. Henry, Gale’s stories are less about intricate plots and surprise endings and more about insight and the beginning of understanding. He shows a keen eye for detail, both physical and emotional. His dialogue is true to his characters. His physical descriptions paint easily conjured pictures, and his prose is confident whether examining the wretched or the wistful. All in all, this young writer’s collection marks an engaging beginning to a promising career.



The Stories That Make Us Review:



Author: Shawn Gale

Shawn Gale’s collection of short stories reveals an author who has not only mastered the structural discipline of the short story format but also who skillfully demonstrates a sound knowledge of character development. All of his characters; the good, the bad, and the ugly, quickly become both believable and interesting as their lives unfold in the fast fashion dictated by the short story genre. The people who inhabit each of these stories have lives that are believable and find themselves caught up in plausible situations that with all the ironic twists and turns that keep the reader reading. I hope we hear more from this promising writer.

Irene V. Peterson
Trauma Counsellor